Wedding Dresses

Alice £730
Amaryllis £1117
Ashley £1125
Audrey £599
Blossom £970
Britany £910
Claire £835
Clarissa-Anne £714
Eleanor £1040
Ella £672
Isobelle £1106
Jasmine £704
Laura £1040
Layla £1125
Marnie £695
Marsha £1137
Messaline £1150
Mirabel £938
Pamela £1050
Paris £910
Rhianna £925
Rose £910
Solange £998
Sophia £780
Vanita £1155
Velour-Anne £1015

Cinderella's in Skipton owner Mandy has made over 1500 brides wedding day dreams become reality!!

Every day customer past and present recommends Cinderella's in High Corn Mill, Skipton to friends, family and brides to be.

Are you recently engaged or thinking of getting wed to your long term partner. Make a diary date and call into to see Mandy
she has many years of knowledge in helping brides choose their dream wedding dress!

Cinderella's (Skipton) is just opposite Napier's in High Corn Mill, Skipton their stunning collection of reasonably priced wedding
dresses available both of the peg or to order will have you spoilt for choice.

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Cinderellas Shop Front Photo at High Corn Mill Skipton June 2019