Amber £120

This dress is Amber available to order age 2-14 (plain ivory or plain white) This style is very plain with a big tulle skirt, no bead work apart from the really pretty
belt. A plain top with a full arm hole allowing sleeves to be added. This style has a zip fasten with button detailing.

Evie £160

This dress is Evie sampled here in ivory and baby blue available age 2 to 14 available in a range of colours.
This style has a very full skirt and gorgeous lacedetail on the top. Zip backed with full arm holes.

Fleur £190

Fleur is available from age 2 to age 14 various colours available for the satin under layer team up with the ivory over layer.
Very pretty lace bodice detail and really beautiful lace trimmed hem. This style has a full arm hole so sleeve can be added.
Zip fastened could also has buttons added.

Heidi £120

Heidi available age 2 to age 14 the skirt can come in plain ivory or plain white. The pleated sash available in various colours you can
also bring your own material (so long as suitable, some materials can be too thin) for the sash. The very full tulle skirt also
has lovely bead detailing. The skirt dips down at the back so when worn gives the impression of a small train.

Lousia £130

Lousia available in age 2 to age 14, you can have this dress made in ivory, white, champagne or rose. Louisa has a very full skirt this
dress is completely plain with ruched neckline and matching sash. The sash is finished with a very pretty bow at the back of the dress.
The sash can be removed for a different style or colour. Louisa has a full arm hole which means a sleeve can be added to this style.

Lucy £170

Lucy available to order from age 2 upwards, really nice lace top and really pretty full skirt. Lots of colour options available.

Lexie £190

This pretty pleated organza flower girl dress is Lexie (Ivory) available age 2 to 14 has a grown-up V-neckline and
gathered organza skirt, with sparkling beading at the waist. Available in Ivory or White.

Maddison £150

Maddison available in age 2 to age 14 plain ivory only. Very full organza skirt, cap sleeve detail is removable.
Zip back fastening with button detailing. Maddison has the most gorgeous lace silhouette neckline.

Penelope £150

Penelope is available in ivory or white from age 2 to upwards. Very pretty bodice detail & nice silhouette neckline with little bow on the bodice. A very full layered skirt and ribbon edged arm holes and neck.

Tierney £190

Tierney is available age 2 to age 14 and comes in plain ivory or plain white. The top of this style has really lovely lace detail with a little bit of sparkle.
Around the waist is a plain band, the skirt is very full with a double layered hem. This style floats and flutters when worn the back
of this style has a zip fastening with bow detail. The bow can be removed and replaced with a tie fastening detail or left plain.

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