Athena classic A-line light weight enough for overseas soft floaty boho dipped V strapless sleeve


Athena with Sleeves £1580

Athena without Sleeves £1345


Softly pleated tulle creates a sheer fitted bodice that draws into your natural waist before continuing onto the flowing skirt and chapel train.  Wild flora lace with delicately placed beading and covered buttons, to the back, are complimented with matching details on the detached sleeve. 

Shown in Pale Mocha, also available in Ivory, Blush and Champagne

Design option: corset back, matching 1 tier chapel length veil

This dress is Athena a classic A-line in style light weight enough for overseas and you can put under skirts under underneath it but it is made to be worn without. It’s a very soft floaty boho style now this has got a see through bodice again it’s not too indiscrete but you could have that lined without any extra cost at all. You’ve got a dipped V in the middle that can of course be filled in without any problems and straps of course can be added to anything strapless. Now this sleeve is not showing to its best advantage because my mannequin has no arms but it’s got this very puffy top to it then it comes into a gathered sleeve at the bottom finishing with this very nice lace cuff. Now this dress is available to buy with or without those sleeves so you don’t have to have them if you don’t want to wear them. I pinned this around as usual, if you stick with the see through bodice you’d have to keep this one as a zip, but you could have the bodice lined and go for a lace up back if you prefer as well. Quite a long train on this dress, personally I’d leave it this length because obviously you’d be hitting that really pretty lace detailing if you shortened it. The shimmer layer underneath this dress is really quite different it’s got this beautiful spiral almost looking design on it really really different is this one. The shimmer on this one is really quite subtle now as I said you can buy this dress with the sleeves or you can buy it without and I will show you what the dress looks like without those sleeves I have just pinned them on and as you can see it’s absolutely beautiful with or without.