Francine plain ivory wedding dress sparkley belt detail satin high bardot neckline off the shoulder

This dress is Francine purchased for our off the peg range this is a one off designer sample we only have the one of it, once it’s gone it’s gone. This dress is too heavy for overseas it is quite a weighty satin and it has this very beautiful belt detail and high bardot neckline now this belt of course can be changed for something different. You could bring this neckline down to a lower scoop if you wanted too or again change that slightly. We would struggle to get a matching fabric to this one because it is discontinued and it is quite a light ivory you can’t always guarantee that you’ll get a good colour match if you try and add sleeves too it. It is a zip back that could be converted to a lace up back, quite a long train on this one which makes it versatile enough to shorten, you could go floor length you could go tea length as well. Buttons again could be added to this dress quite easily and again you could change the neckline at the back here bringing it down into more of a V if you wanted too you could go quite low it is very structured is this dress and it does have the all-important pockets which I know everybody loves to see in a satin dress. So as I say a rather special little designer sample this one and we do have just the one it’s sampled in a size eight to ten.