Freya classic A-line in style light weight enough for overseas dipped V neck filled with extra lace


Freya without sleeves £1105

Freya with sleeves £1338


This dress is Freya is a classic A-line in style light weight enough for overseas, you could put underskirts underneath if you wanted too, although of course it is made to be worn without. Now Freya has a dipped V neck line that can of course be filled in with extra lace if you don’t want it as low cut as that and you’ve got these off the shoulder straps here. Now my sample has these sleeves as a detachable so I could take those off and show you what it looks like without we do stitch them in place if you do want to keep the sleeve. So you’ve got this very pretty retro sleeve with this dress. You can buy the dress with or without those at a different price, finished off with this really nice lace cuff detail, so as I say you don’t have to have the sleeves but if you want too they are an option and we would stitch them in place. This is a lace up back as standard it’s too big for my mannequin so I have just pinned it around but you could have this one done as a zip back if you prefer. Not too long a train as you would expect to see on an A-line dress it’s a medium length train. You could of course still shorten this because we are able to get these lace patches separate and move it up. It wouldn’t be too big a job to do that. Very Very sparkly as you can see as I’m moving around this is a really nice light weight dress for somebody who’s perhaps getting married overseas, although of course it does wear very in this country and as with any of our gowns you could add a sparkly belt.