Helen classic A-line light weight enough for overseas champagne dress sweet heart neckline strapless


This dress is Helen a classic A-line in style light weight enough for overseas and you could put an under skirt underneath this if you wanted although of course it is made to be worn without. We have bought this dress in purely for our off the peg range, I do just have one of this dress once it’s gone it’s gone. So this is a champagne dress with a sweet heart neckline and a strapless bodice. I should have some straps that would match this colour quite easily. The belt is quite low on the hip line here you could of course wear that higher up but it is meant to be where I have placed it, it’s a zip back dress, which I have just wrapped around the mannequin and I will remove the belt at the end and show you what the dress looks like without because you could wear it without as well. Now it’s got a medium length train on this one, not too long that can be shortened to floor length or tea length as well. I’m just going to remove the belt so you can see what the dress would look like without. You do have a little seam there but it is not too visible.