Jayla classic A-line in style light weight enough for overseas very beautiful crepe very flattering


Jayla stunning full length sleeves on a crepe A-line wedding dress with V-neckline


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This is Jayla a classic A-line in style light weight enough for overseas you could put an underskirt under this although of course it is made to be worn without. Now Jayla is made from a very beautiful crepe material it’s got a soft stretch to it very very flattering and it hangs really nicely. You’ve got this belt detailing that is part of the dress, you can of course swap that for something else if you prefer. You’ve got a long sleeve with a very pretty cuff detail to this that can of course can be taken out completely if you don’t want a sleeve or of course you could take it into a T-shirt length sleeve also too. Personally I would leave it because the cuff detail does match this very beautiful back detail on the dress. Now this doesn’t convert into a lace up back because of that detail but it has quite a long train on it and you could go floor length or tea length with this gown if you wanted too. So it is fact quite versatile dress, as I say the belt detail on it could be changed I personally love this dress just as it is. But there are a few little things you could do to make it your own.