Leona wedding dress in-store (Cinderella’s, Skipton)

Leona is a bit bigger than an a-line more of a small ball gown and light weight enough for overseas. Now this dress doesn’t need an under skirt it has been specially stiffened in order to showcase this really beautiful floral detailing and I will get close enough to show you that now. You’ve got this nice V neckline it does not show a lot of cleavage and it comes round into these little of the shoulder straps here which sit right on the edge of your shoulder almost like a ballerina. You’ve got this really beautiful detailing as I said it has got sequins and shimmer in it, which you will see as I move around. Now it’s not fitting my mannequin so I have just pinned it around at the back. You could convert that one to a lace up back, open it out by leaving 2 or 3 buttons at the top and make that into a little key hole back with a lace up back if you prefer. As I’m moving around you can probably see this one shimmer, it’s quite a nice long train on this. You could shorten this one very easily it would go floor length of tea length. As with any of our gowns you could of course at a sparkly belt, this dress is sampled in oyster it also comes in ivory.

Leona small ball gown light weight enough for overseas showcase really beautiful floral detailing