Millie is A-line wedding dress intricate lace creating an enchanting and ethereal classic elegance


Millie classic ball gown style light weight enough for overseas strapless dress dipped V


This A-line wedding dress is a vision of romance, crafted with delicate tulle and intricate lace, creating an enchanting and ethereal look. The sweetheart neckline adds a touch of classic elegance, perfectly complementing the timeless charm of the A-line silhouette. It’s a perfect choice for a bride seeking a dreamy and captivating appearance on her special day. Shown in Nude, also available in All Ivory.

Detachable lace sleeves let you completely change the look between reception and ceremony.


This dress is Millie a classic ball gown in style light weight enough for overseas and you could put an underskirt underneath it although of course it is made to be worn without. Millie is a strapless dress, straps of course can be added to that, that’s not a problem at all. You’ve got a dipped V in the middle which of course can be filled in, you could even bring it a little bit higher if you prefer. This dress does have a set of detachable sleeves with this they are worn separately around the arm. You don’t have to wear them it comes with them. Of course you could go shorter with those as well but don’t forget you could of course put off the shoulder straps with this dress if you wanted a different look. Now it’s not fitting the mannequin which is not showing the back to its best advantage, it does actually have a see through panel at the top of this dress, I’ve just turn a corner so you can see that. This would have to remain as a zip and button back. You’ve quite a long train on this dress as you would expect to see on a ball gown but this one would shorten successfully you could go floor length or tea length with this dress without any problems at all. As I say have a look at the professional photos to see the back of this dress and you’ll see what I mean. But I will just show you this dress without these sleeves you don’t have to wear them as I say it just happens to come with them. But this dress is ultimately wearable just as it is without those extra sleeves added.