Rowena classic A-line style light weight enough for overseas full shoulder straps zipped back dress


Original Price £1050
Now Reduced £650 (sample only)

This dress is Rowena a classic A-line in style light weight enough for overseas and you could put an under skirt underneath this if you really wanted too but of course it is made to be worn without.
We have sampled this one in blush it does come in quite a few different colours including all ivory. So as you can see you have this dipped v neckline we can of course fill that in if you don’t like that as low as that it’s not too indiscreet this one though, you’ve got a full shoulder strap coming down into these long sleeves, sleeves can be of course shortened or removed if you don’t like them. It is a zipped back dress you could convert it to a lace up back by leaving two or three buttons fastened at the top. Opening this into a little key hole and having your lace up section at the bottom. So it would still convert if you wanted it too. Not too long a train on this one again as I said very light weight you could shorten this one, you could go floor length or tea length as with any of our gowns you could of course add a nice belt detail if you wanted just a little bit of waist definition.