Sylvia classic A-line, light weight enough over seas bardot neckline beautiful heavy lace embroidery


This dress is Sylvia a classic A-line in style, light weight enough for over seas and you could put under skirts under this if you wanted too although as always it is made to be worn without. Now you have a really nice bardot neckline on this dress with a beautiful heavy lace embroidery  and silver detailing. You could bring this neckline down into a sweet heart you can see the shape of that underneath if you wanted too. You have got these off the shoulder straps they could be removed, you could bring this in a little bit and put over the shoulder straps on as well if you prefer that look. I have only half laced it up for speed but that will convert into a zip up back if you prefer. Buttons of course can be added to any dress with a zip if that’s a look you like. Not too long a train on this one you could go floor length or tea length again it’s got a shimmer under layer, which you can probably see shinning as I’m moving around and as with any of our gowns you could add a belt detail but with this much heavy embroidery on it you probably wouldn’t see much of it and I would leave it just as it is.