Hollie classic ball gown off shoulder neckline dipped V zip back sparkly under layer patterned lace


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This dress is Hollie a classic ball gown in style. Too heavy for overseas this one, you could put under skirts underneath if you wanted too, although it has been stiffened and stands out by its self quite well by itself. So as you can see you have this really nice off the shoulder neckline here you could of course fill in the dipped V in the front if you don’t like that area. You’ve got of the shoulder straps they could of course be removed and you could re-shape this area and put some shoe string straps on if you prefer. The bodice is a little see through which stands out quite well against my black manikin but not too indiscreet. It is a zip back and would of course have to remain that way because you would see a kit underneath it. It has a medium to long length train on this one as you’d expect to see on a ball gown, with some absolutely beautiful lace you’ve got a really nice sparkly under layer to this you can probably just see as I’m moving around and an extra patterned lace underneath as well. This is a really nice dress you could of course add a belt detail to this dress but I actually think this one doesn’t need it.