Hope a classic ball gown wedding style too heavy for overseas one off dress high boat neckline


This dress is hope a classic ball gown in style too heavy for overseas you could put a underskirt underneath it although of course it has got its own. Now this is a one off dress we have bought purely to sell as a one off. We can’t order this one it is a size 16 it will alter down as far as a size 12 and you could convert it to an 18 at a push, but it really would be better remaining with just the zip. So as you can see it’s got high boat neckline here, this is really easy to drop into a V neck or a square neck or again drop it into a little bit of a sweetheart neckline. Quite a versatile dress to work with, it does have arm holes but with it being a discontinued gown I can’t repeat the fabric, so it would have to remain sleeveless. As you can see it’s quite a low back, if you put a lace up back in this dress it would not really lend its self very well to that, so I would leave it to the zip. You could of course add buttons all the way down the back of this rather long train if you wanted too. It will shorten, it will go floor length or tea length it does of course have pockets, which I know are always a popular addition a lot of the dresses this style do. You’ve got this really nice belt detailing which is part of the dress you could easily put a little bit of bling on that by putting another belt over the top.