Roseanna classic ball gown light weight enough for overseas ivory pink floral detailing strapless


This dress is Rosanna a classic ball gown in style light weight enough for overseas and you could put underskirts under this if you wanted too although of course it is made to be worn without. As you can this is ivory with a pink floral detailing, it does of course come in a few different colours this one you could even have the flowers in blue if you prefer. It’s a strapless dress, you have this really nice cowl front detail here coming into these cap shoulders, which sit off the top of your arm. Now of course you can remove those if you don’t like them or you could put them up onto your shoulders if you wanted that look, it would be quite easy to change that, this is a zip back dress which is not fitting the mannequin so I have just pinned it around there, you could just convert it to a lace up back if you preferred. Not too long a train on this one, it will shorten you could go floor length or tea length with this dress and you could also add a belt detail if you wanted too, but I think this dress is quite busy enough on its own.