Rose a classic ball gown style wedding dress too heavy for overseas one off off the peg low cut V


This dress is Rose a classic ball gown is style too heavy for overseas you could put underskirt’s underneath it although of course it is made to be worn without. This is another dress from a discontinued range so it is just one off, we’ve only got this one for our off the peg range, we can’t actually order this one. Quite a low cut V it would be really easy to add a little bit of lace in there if you don’t want it as low. You have a really nice cap shoulder coming round into this full jacket back here. Now it’s not fitting the manikin as usual so it does look a little bit wrinkly but you can see how that would fit. It does have a bow at the back that is in fact detachable. I will show you that without in a moment, as you can see it’s got quite a long train, you could shorten that you could go floor length or tea length. I can still get hold of these buttons, which are quite distinctive and I could get those and put them all the way down the back of the train if that’s a look you prefer. The bow as I said is detachable so that’s what it looks like without. Now this dress doesn’t actually have pockets but it would be really easy to add some in and as with quite a few of our other dresses you could also add a sparkly belt over top if you wanted a little bit more bling.