Available: All Black or All Ivory


This dress is Avery but what I’m showing you know is the matching cape accessory that has been made to go with this dress but as with any of our accessories it is available to buy as a separate piece you could put it with any of our other gowns if you wanted too. Now it’s got a high neckline here cut away so it doesn’t hide any of the detail on the top of the dress but it does come round enough on your shoulders to actually cover the top of your arms so it’s a great alternative to a veil if you don’t want one, as you can probably see from this angle it is tremendously long they have done that for a reason because it does of course give you the option to shorten that if you wanted too. You could go to the same length as the dress or you could even take it to a short cape if you wanted too something like an elbow length one. It’s got a high neck detail at the back as well and again as I said you can buy this as a separate accessory to go with any of our gowns if you just want something a little bit different to a veil.