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REDUCED from £950
NOW ONLY £800 …Saving £150!

This dress is Layla a classic fishtail in style, light weight enough for overseas. As you can see this is a strapless dress.  You could put straps on this if you wanted too, we should have something that would match. Now this is a completely discontinued sample, for our off the peg range, so we do have just one of this dress. You’ve got this very unusual wrap around panel at the back. That could of course be removed and then you could convert this into a lace up back if you prefer over the zip. It’s only a short length train on this dress, it would shorten to floor length of tea length. This dress does come with a de-teachable over skirt and I will show that in a separate video.  If you wore it like this, it would be fine for overseas if you wore it together with the over skirt it would be too heavy.