Cassie is an elegant Mikado dress that features a luxurious, structured silhouette with a wide, flowing skirt that extends into a gentle train. The bodice is designed with an off-the-shoulder neckline, adorned by a bold, sculptural ruffle that adds a contemporary touch. This statement making bateau creates a distinctive effect across the chest, highlighting the shoulders and framing the décolletage. The waist is cinched, giving way to the voluminous skirt that boasts a smooth, lustrous finish, indicative of the high-quality Mikado fabric known for its slight sheen and impressive drape. The clean lines and minimalist design exude a timeless sophistication, perfect for a modern bridal look. Available in Ivory. Available as ‘Cassie’ in Sizes 6 -24C or ‘Cassive Curve’ in Sizes 18C – 34C. For Sizes 18C and above this style has Curve Construction. Includes detachable collar and detachable bow.

Accentuate this Mikado dress’s classic elegance with minimalist accessories; consider a delicate pearl necklace and understated diamond studs to enhance the off-the-shoulder neckline. Opt for a sleek updo to showcase the ruffle detail and a pair of satin heels to complement the dress’s lustrous fabric and complete the sophisticated ensemble.

Cassie Wedding Dress – In-Store Walk Around Video (Cinderella’s Skipton)

This dress is Cassie a classic A-line in style, a little too heavy for overseas this one. You could put an underskirt underneath it if you wanted too although it is made to be worn without. Now the beauty of this dress is its simplicity, it’s got this very designer looking off the shoulder collar here. That can of course be removed it is detectable. You can probably just see the fastenings there, if you wanted too you could bring this neck line down into a V or a sweet heart and take those straps off here and move them onto the shoulder if you wanted to convert this dress too a little bit different. But we do actually have some other dresses that are quite similar to that style without actually customizing this one. So as you can see the collar goes around the back, and as I say don’t forget that can be removed. The bow is also a detachable detail, so if you don’t like that, that can come off or you can wear that without the collar and just the bow. It would be very easy to add button detail to the back of this dress and it will shorten to both floor length or tea length without any problem at all. It’s no pockets in this dress but it would be very easy to add some if you wanted too and of course you could always ass a broach detail if you wanted too. In the middle of this belt if you wanted to have just that little touch of bling.