Elegance off shoulder, crepe dress Rachel whispers pleated bodice enhances your natural curves


The elegance of this off shoulder, crepe dress whispers that less is definitely more. The pleated bodice enhances your natural curves with the full circular skirt providing amazing swoosh ability and also pockets (who doesn’t love a pocket?). A high corset back leads to button detail to the end of the chapel train.


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What bra do I need for this dress?

A strapless bra that stays put is your best friend, and for strapless or off-the-shoulder dresses, it’s a must-have. Add push-up cups for volume, or pick a longline bodice for extra support.

Are this style of wedding dresses in style?

Very trendy right now and have been becoming more and more popular with wedding dress designers and brides alike. Some of the most common reasons we have brides choose off the shoulder wedding dresses is for the beautiful look of this style dress and to also hide their arms.

What hairstyle goes best with this style of wedding dress?

A classic chignon is, without question, among the best hairstyles for off-the-shoulder dresses. But we recommend giving the look a modern twist—quite literally—with sections wrapped one over the other to form the bun

Can you lift your arms in off-the-shoulder wedding dress?

You can raise them just enough to dance, usually but not much farther. There’s usually some elastic sewn in to give some mobility so you can usually raise your arms to about shoulder level.

How should you wear your hair for off-the-shoulder wedding dress?

Piecey Updo since this neckline is all about soft beauty, you’ll want to keep things piecey. “Pulling out a few pieces of hair at the front would be the perfect pair to this dress style.
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