Chandra classic A-line light weight ruched bodice very flattering cut that suits every figure


This dress is Chandra a classic A-line in style, light weight enough for overseas but you can’t wear an underskirt underneath this dress and I will show you why shortly. So you’ve got this ruched bodice here it is a very flattering cut that suits every figure. It’s got not too low a cut neck line; we can of course still put a modesty panel in there if you prefer. There is no full arm hole under this dress so sleeves can’t be added I’m afraid to this dress. You’ve got a zip back which is not fitting the mannequin, so I have just pinned it around. You could convert that to a lace up back if you prefer. You have buttons coming all the way down this medium length train. Now of Couse that train can be shortened, you could go floor length or tea length. This dress does not have pockets, but it would be quite easy to add them and again you could put a brooch detail on this if you wanted a little bit of sparkle. I wouldn’t add a belt because of where the ruches are positioned. Now this dress can’t wear an underskirt because it actually has a split in the skirt if you don’t like it that can be stitched shut. But it’s not too indiscreet due to the ruching on the bodice area of this dress. All together a really nice elegant dress.