Jasmine soft A-line in style too heavy for overseas jersey crepe lining hang absolutely beautifully


This dress is Jasmine a soft A-line in style too heavy for overseas this one. But you could put an underskirt under this if you wanted too although a very small one. This is actually quite a heavy jersey crepe lining so it does hang absolutely beautifully it hides a multitude of sins again this dress has been made with a curvier figure in mind. You’ve got a wide shoulder here; these sleeves can be removed which would leave you with just the wide shoulder strap but it’s got these very pretty flutter sleeves as I say a really nice addition to this. I can get these sleeves as a separate accessory we could add them to other dresses as well. Now this is a lace up back it’s too big for my mannequin so I have just pinned it around there. It will convert into a zip and button back very very easily. It’s got quite a long train on this dress but it’s not too long though and I personally wouldn’t shorten this because you would have hide this detail you would hit that quite badly if you were shortening the train and the detail on this dress is very pretty and as you can see there is no shimmer under layer but the lace has lots of shimmer beads on over the top of it. This dress does have a natural waistline so you could of course ass a belt too it if you prefer if you just want a little bit of waist definition or a little bit of extra bling.