Esme ball gown style light weight overseas dipped V neckline center  filled vintage style sleeves


This dress is Esme a small ball gown in style light weight enough for overseas and you could put underskirts underneath this one but of course it is made to be worn without. As you can see you’ve got a dipped V neckline that center can be filled in, if you don’t want it as low cut as that. You’ve got these very nice vintage style sleeves, coming into this cuff finish at the bottom. These sleeves can of course be removed if you don’t like them, you could take them off at this point here and just have a little strap if you prefer that look. So you don’t have to have the sleeves although I do quite like them on this dress. You’ve got a zip and button back here and it would have to remain that way because of that see through patch at the top. You’ve got a medium length train on this dress, not too long. That will of course still shorten you could go floor length or tea length with this one. It has really nice box pleats round the waist which is a very flattering look they are a very attractive finish you don’t see that a lot on wedding dresses, these nice soft pleats. You could of course add a belt to this dress if you wanted too, although it is made to be worn without