Ivy classic A-line in style light weight enough for overseas sampled ivory/mocha available all ivory


This dress is ivy, a classic A-line in style light weight enough for overseas. You could put an underskirt with this one if you wanted too although it is made to be worn without. We have sampled this dress in ivory/mocha it does come all ivory as well. So you have this very pretty dipped v neckline very easy to fill in with some extra lace or even some fabric behind it if you don’t want it as emodest as that. Nice wide shoulders coming into these very pretty little cap sleeves you could remove those and have just as a shoulder strap if you prefer or you could swap that for a full length sleeve or a 3/4 length one if that’s the look you prefer.
It’s a zip back dress it won’t convert into a lace up corset style fastening. You have a medium length train on this dress it would shorten but you would be hitting the lase detail. It is light weight enough to cope with it just as it is, I’d be tempted to say leave this one this length. As with any of our gowns you could add a nice belt detail.