Opal full skirted ball gown heavy for overseas in silver available about 30 colours plus Ivory


This dress is Opal a full skirted ball gown in style too heavy for overseas, and you could put underskirts under this if you wanted too, although it is made to be worn without. We have sampled this dress in silver it is available in about 30 different colours including Ivory! As you can see it has a dipped V neckline it would be quite easy to fill that in if you don’t want it as low cut. It is a strapless bodice coming to these off the shoulder straps detailing here and theses really pretty puff sleeves that have a nice cuff finish to the bottom of them as well. Those are detachable, I will show the dress without them at the end. This is a zip backed dress not fitting the mannequin so I have just pinned it around as usual, you could of course have that converted to a lace up back if you prefer. It’s not too long a train on this dress, you could of course still shorten that you could go floor length or tea length quite easily with this one. And as I say you have these really nice sleeve details here, now this strap can of course be removed as well, so you could go completely strapless with the dress. And if you want to see the gown without those sleeves in, I will just take them off for now, you can have a look at it and don’t forget you could take those other straps off too, and make this dress completely strapless if you preferred it is boned enough to do so.